Tuesday, September 3, 2013

For That Bad Day

For those days when you are feeling much less fabulous than every other - Bon Iver is the cure.

Life's not easy for most of us and I blame it on capitalism. Capitalism favours a certain kind - either incredibly hard-working and intelligent people who relentlessly work their way to the top or the fortunate few who have an inheritance of great social contacts, the highest standard of education and the security of family money. Don't quote me on this - it's just how I perceive the system.

I have a love-hate relationship with the reality of capitalism. On the one hand, I hate the fact that the result of capitalism is that the minority at the top of the system live in luxury while the majority slave their lives away like little working ants. However, on the other hand I have tasted those moments of being on the receiving end of the luxurious lifestyle and boy, if I could live like a queen for a lifetime, I'd probably happily indulge. It's part of our human nature. We always want more. And besides that, it's nice to have people serve you and to not have any financial worries.

Although capitalism favours a certain kind, life is hard either way. Whether you're rich or poor or somewhere in between, successful or a failure, beautiful or not, it's hard.

Wherever you may find yourself in the system, for those moments when life finds you in rough place take a listen to this:

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acetheface954 said...

capitalism is just pure greed. not everybody wants to be rich nor do they want to. people just want to be happy and have the assurance that when things are bad they can only get better. capitalists believe that the best way to ensure their seats at the table is to cause nothing but turmoil for the less fortunate which is not true. and not fair. i'm sorry but they are not people. if i were a king my subjects would not know what want is. the rich and powerful should work for the poor and meek just as we work for them. give, take, give back.